Designing custom clothes and making them to size


pants:             7000-20000,-

skirt:           5000-18000,-

top:                   3000- 5000,-

upper part:           5000- 8000,-

blouse, shirt:          7000-19000,-

vest:           7000-18000,-

dress:                 9000-80000,-

blazer:            14000-38000,-

coat:             12000-50000,-

Our prices are in hungarian forint, tax included. Does not include the materials and supplies (eg. buttons, zipper, vetex)

During the making of the cloth 2 or 3 try-on is needed. The preparation time is 1-3 weeks. We take shorter times for particular request.

Our prices are informative, we can give exact prices at the personal discussion.

Áraink tájékoztató jellegűek, pontos árakat a személyes megbeszéléskor tudunk adni.



Elizabeth Hessl